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Wordstruck Programs

Putting people at the centre of your organisation’s story. We help leaders transform complex strategy into compelling stories that engage hearts and minds.


Bring to life your values, your vision and your strategy

Here are some programs that our clients love. Each program is co-created with you. 


Why Now Story Program

This program helps organisations bring to life their strategy. It enables people to connect with what’s really important so everyone better understands what they're doing, why they're doing it and how to do it better.

Vision Story Program

This program enables leaders to share their vision so that people commit to the journey ahead. It clearly describes why a change is needed, what’s at stake if nothing is done, and what the new future will look and feel like.

Founding Story Program

This program brings unity and provides a common language. As a company matures, the original founder’s story must adapt so that each person in the company can align behind a common purpose with shared values.


Create | Amplify | Embed

We've identified 3 stages into making storytelling programs stick.



Senior Leaders

Are your leaders lacking alignment? Is your strategy unclear? Are your leaders giving their teams and direct reports mixed messages?

A Why Now Story Program brings everyone on the same page & transforms your strategy into a compelling, memorable narrative. 

This is critical across distributed or diverse workforces, or when working virtually. It builds greater understanding so the team appreciate each other, “have each other’s back”, and pull together to deliver the strategy with more excitement.

As leaders become clear on their leadership story,  deeper alignment follows across the organisation. Ultimately, you’re looking for a single voice. Of course, each leader will bring their own expertise and have their way of telling their story, but whether it’s through a powerpoint or scripted, there will be consistent messaging that cascades and unites the whole business.


IT or Finance

Are you head of an IT team and tired that the rest of the business keeps complaining about how much IT costs? Or perhaps you’re leading a finance team that still feels stuck in the back office?

Too often “support” teams, like IT or finance, don’t do a good enough job telling the rest of the business how they enable them. The Vision Story Program helps demonstrate the value you bring. 

Otherwise, your data-heavy presentation to the senior leadership team or board is likely to undo all your great work. Either you’ll dumb it down so the complexity gets lost. Or you’ll get lost in the detail. 

In functional or support parts of any business, storytelling powerfully addresses knowledge and perception gaps. Story frameworks engage any audience, at an emotional and logical level, that tech or finance go a lot deeper — and are worth the dollar spend. 


HR & people

Are you in HR or head of People & Culture and not attracting great talent? Or maybe you’re getting people through the door but not retaining them?

The Founding Story Program can help your team share a motivating and memorable story to inspire your people.

Stories help ensure that the script matches the reality. It doesn’t matter how beautifully articulated your values are, or how much you invest in culture, if the experience doesn’t match the promise, people will vote with their feet

A Founding story gives your people a sense of ownership in the company. It builds and strengthens your reputation and social licence, while ensuring you attract and retain great talent.

Wordstruck also offers the following workshops & programs:

Each can be adapted to suit your team.

Become a Story Champion
& Awesome Presenter

Great leaders are often great storytellers. They inspire through words & follow through with action. This program gives teams the skills to use stories strategically in a business context. It helps align your teams’ values & purpose with the vision of the company. Participants will learn how to structure content for strongest impact & how to deliver with flair & confidence.