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Engage Your Team

Do you want each person in your team to make a real contribution? When we tell value-rich stories people ‘get’ what we are saying and they remember it.

Unlike facts, stories create connection.

Our programs teach how to influence, engage and inspire with stories.

‘A very practical, highly engaging workshop. 9/10.’

Dr Simon Bradshaw, Oxfam



Create Outstanding Written Content

Stories celebrate success better than a case study. They also make strategies stick.

You need a common language in your company to create change. A written story can make this happen.

‘Every time we work with Claire, we learn more about the craft of writing and telling a story that resonates.’

Tim Powell, Cox Inall Ridgeway

Discover Your Company Story

Write Your Own Business Book

A well-written book improves your brand credibility, adds value to your business and shows you are an expert. It’s the ultimate business card.

‘Claire Scobie is the mentor’s mentor.’

Jan Cornall, author & writing teacher

If you’re stuck on the first chapter, Claire can mentor you. She can coach you through the entire process.

As featured in the Sydney Morning Herald,
Claire Scobie ‘provided invaluable advice… to put together the synopsis, proposal and sample chapters to send to publishers.’


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