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Climate Story Services

Our Climate Story services range from a one-hour Discovery Session through to consultancy-led strategic storytelling programs.

Every business in today’s market needs a robust climate proposition, whether you are heading for Net Zero or accelerating your broader Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program. 

But how do you bring that to life for team members, clients, investors and suppliers?

It begins with your story.

We have three programs to choose from and can meet you wherever you are on your journey. 


You’d never invest in a company without undertaking discovery. Your climate story should be the same.  

Wordstruck’s interactive, one-hour Climate Wheel Discovery Session will provide the insights you need to take your company’s unique climate story forward.

In just 1 hour, Dr Claire Scobie will help you understand:

  • Where your business is at the moment
  • What your next steps should be
  • How to share your company’s unique climate proposition with impact and authenticity.

Have you got your sustainability plan in place? Do you need staff at all levels of your business to understand how to play a role in delivering it? Are they there yet?

Through a 4-week series of engaging and interactive workshops, Wordstruck will ensure your team members understand the why and how of your company’s sustainability journey.

At the end of the series, participants will be able to connect to your sustainability story and play their own role in helping to share it – bringing your story to life with the same vigour as your C-suite leadership.

Wordstruck is led by UK-born Dr Claire Scobie, an author, business journalist and strategic storytelling coach who has developed a technique called regenerative storytelling.  

Adapted from a theory called regenerative leadership theory that is being used internationally by a new generation of sustainability professionals, regenerative storytelling and leadership for businesses means embracing the next level of sustainability.

It is about shifting your mindset from organisations as machines, from people as assets, from the earth as a resource, to an interconnected living system.

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