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Thanks for the workshop. It was one of the best ones I’ve done. I found the goal-setting very useful and it’s already making me more productive with the writing.

Lea McInerney, Freelance facilitator & policy analyst, Write Smarter, Melbourne 2014

Thank you for such an informative and constructive workshop. It has really put into context how I can approach writing about my ancestors. And the list of authors and their books has me reading again after a spell where I couldn’t find a genre that I found enjoyable and interesting.

Lois Gray, Computer course instructor & writer, Travel Memoir, Ballarat 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today. There is no doubt those present loved and appreciated the chance to hear from you and to explore some of the more complex ideas around writing travel memoir.

Heather Roche, Chair, Ballarat Writers Inc., Travel Memoir, Ballarat 2014

This course nourished my heart, my creative self, my painting and most importantly, my writing.  It provided all the tools and inspiration to begin the task of creative writing.  
Claire is a very warm and encouraging teacher.  I also loved the flow of ideas from the group. Thank YOU so much, I feel quite bereft without our class with you!

Amelia Campbell, Artist, Creative Writing, Australian Writers Centre 2014

Thank you, your class was amazing and I got so much out of it 🙂 I loved writing the stories each week. just bought your book and I’m aiming to read more this year to help my writing skills… Then I may enrol in another class, not sure what or which direction to go!  but who knows where my crazy imagination will take me next 🙂 My little sister has just finished her first novel and has an agent interested back in Scotland 🙂 I hope to one day follow in her foot steps! You have definitely inspired me to keep going 🙂

Rebecca Paterson, Creative Writing, Australian Writers Centre 2014

I’ve done a few courses over the years and I don’t think I have ever been so engaged. The weekend absolutely flew by. Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration.

David McManus, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2014

It was a terrific weekend.  Travelling through life.  Through places and experiences.  I think we’ll all be putting various learnings into effect as we pursue our passions.

Kerri-ann Smith, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2014

Thanks so much for sharing your vast and very practical experience. It was really refreshing to do that sort of workshop and feel the content and advice was so concentrated, real-world and full of substance – not gilding the lily – and all the more propelling, as a result, having a clearer fix on the parameters and feeling better equipped to approach it. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, so, thank you for the thought that went into pulling all that together, and being so forthcoming. I started reading your book (The Pagoda Tree) last night, as well, and it’s wonderful.

Emma White, Travel Writing, Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2014

Thanks so much for such an amazing and insightful weekend. The course not only covered the technical side of travel memoir writing but provided writing exercises that helped us develop and understand our own writing styles. I left the course a different, more wiser writer than when I started it, and now I’m itching to start writing my own memoir and get the words down that are just bursting inside me.

This course was transformational for me and has provided an important foundation to start writing my book. I shudder to think of the mistakes I would have made without it. Claire is a fantastic tutor and the reluctance that we all shared in not wanting to leave the room at the end of our course is an indication of how inspirational and generous she is. Her encouragement and feedback was personal and heartfelt, you could just tell she believed in us which is really important when you’re not sure if you believe in yourself.

Lisa Schofield, Journalist, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2014

Thanks so much Claire for a very interesting day. I learnt a lot from you and you have inspired me to continue.

Verity Croker, Travel Writing, Tasmanian Writers Centre 2014

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I enjoyed the structure, the notes and the other participants. I found Claire a terrific and talented, warm and encouraging presenter. I wanted to write a travel memoir but lacked the confidence to start even although I have enjoyed writing about travel all my life. In five short weeks, Claire made me feel good about my endeavour and was just the impetus I needed to stop procrastinating and start writing.

Gill Shaddick, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2013

Thank you for a great workshop. I gained a lot from the processes you took us through and appreciated both your well-honed group facilitation skills and your ability to react to participants’ comments and questions with such value-added responses from own your extensive travel writing experience.

Kerrin O’Sullivan, Writer, Travel Memoir, Australian Festival of Travel Writing 2013

Claire’s two travel writing workshops were inspirational. Each of the one-day sessions was very well planned, with content carefully structured to fully enhance the theme of each session. While each session was packed with information, there seemed to be no rush and there was always time for explanations and questions from participants. Extensive printed handouts provided vital extra information and ideas. 

Claire showed exceptional ability to involve and excite all the participants in the sessions, drawing out valuable comments from everyone, and providing invaluable writing exercises. She identified the experiences, skills and aspirations of individual participants, and skilfully wove their comments into the sessions. 

Truly, these two sessions were amongst the best training sessions I have ever attended.

John Hepworth, Freelance technical writer & journalist, Travel Writing, Sydney Writers Festival 2012

I wanted to thank you for the travel memoir class. It was my first writing class and I really enjoyed it. I learned a ton and it helped me to think about my journals and travel writing in a different way.

Sandra Lauterbach, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2011

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your travel writing workshop. It was stimulating and full of useful insights – and the group was a fabulous mix of experiences and personalities, too. My expectations were far exceeded on both accounts. I’ve just been reading your handouts to reinforce some of your points. I find it difficult to articulate/quantify the writing (and editing) process and am very impressed by your ability!

Patricia Cortese, Editor, Travel Writing, Melbourne Writers Festival 2011

It was such a pleasure to have Claire as our tutor and mentor. Thank you Claire, you are a real inspiration!

Mary Hickson, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2011

I really enjoyed the writing workshops. I feel a new lease of life and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for turning the light on in my writing world. It was so wonderful to meet Claire, such a warm and knowledgeable writer, who is so passionate about what she does and giving to others. Thank you.

Julie Tassone, Travel Memoir, Australian Writers Centre 2011

I just wanted to say that Claire Scobie’s travel writing course was excellent. She provided practical advice and information, was open to discussion and tried to address interests of each participant. It is one of the best courses I have been to.

Jessica Williamson, Travel Writing, Sydney Writers’ Festival 2010

Claire engaged everyone in the workshop. It was fantastic. The best workshop I’ve been to for a while.

Ktime Heathcote, Writer, Travel Writing, Darwin Wordstorm 2010