Write Your Biz Book

Write your Business Book

Life is short and books can take a long time to write. Working with an experienced professional mentor like Claire helps fast track the process. A mentor:

  • Holds you to account
  • Helps you achieve your writing goals
  • Keeps you focused
  • Saves you time and money.

‘On a couple of occasions I probably would have quit the project if it was not for Claire’s insistence that it was a book worth completing. This was instrumental in my persevering to the end, and to my securing a book contract with Harper Collins (ABC Books). When I gave up on myself, she refused to…’

Joanna Maxwell, author and corporate trainer

Claire tailors each of her packages to suit the individual’s own writing journey, their needs, goals and aspirations. She also offers an insider’s understanding to all aspects of media, from book publishing to self-publishing, social media to eBooks.

‘Claire Scobie is the mentor’s mentor.’

Jan Cornall, author & writing teacher

Whether you’re at the beginning of a project and developing an idea, or have a full-length manuscript underway, you can be assured of creative solutions to every writerly problem.

‘The time spent on my writing was essential. If I hadn’t worked with Claire I wouldn’t have finished my book. I wouldn’t have done anything differently. It was excellent.’

Anna Cairo, author of The Business of Being Social and social media consultant

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