Why storytelling?

Why Storytelling?

How can storytelling help your business?

There’s a big buzz around storytelling. But most businesses think just about their brand story. Storytelling is more versatile than just a marketing slogan. Since Anecdote began in 2004, the founder Shawn Callaghan and his global team of partners have worked with dozens of companies to make lasting cultural change.

Dr Claire Scobie is proud to be one of the Sydney partners who coaches CEOs 1-1 to become more effective communicators and runs Storytelling for Leaders workshops across industries from mining to arts.

A company without a story is usually a company without a strategy.

Ben Horowitz

Here are 8 ways storytelling can be part of the solution and have tangible results within your organisation

  1. Positive stories create and sustain cultural change, especially when new strategies are being introduced.
  2. Leaders can harness stories to better inspire their teams and encourage productivity.
  3. Employees can understand a company’s values by sharing stories of these values in action.
  4. Stories can celebrate success more effectively than a case study.
  5. When strategies hit a road block, positive stories help motivate and keep people on track.
  6. If customer service is integral to a business, stories can illustrate how that looks in practice.
  7. When spending significant monies hiring new employees and bringing them up to speed, storytelling can help reduce the time because leaders can demonstrate their principles, values and lessons more clearly.
  8. Engagement is crucial and storytelling can help companies retain employees which saves money.

When companies want to convey a message to customers and stakeholders, they want their message to be remembered. Unlike facts, stats and figures, stories create connection.

This is because we are hardwired for stories. They are humanity’s oldest form of communication. An audience can relate and engage with stories — and are more likely to retell a good story than a statistic.

In the Storytelling for Leaders (SFL) workshop, participants can develop their own story skills through five key story structures. To see how that looks in action, see the video below.