Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling for Leaders

SFL_Partner_logo_vert_MED Have you ever delivered a presentation or explained a new strategy to your team and known they weren’t listening? It’s not a good feeling. And in business it’s very common.

At work it can seem that people forget to talk like they do with friends and family. We forget to tell stories and use anecdotes to illustrate what we are trying to say. We rely on power points, jargon and complex language.

No wonder people stop listening.

The Storytelling for Leaders™ program is a way to get people to listen again. This program teaches leaders how to influence, engage and inspire. (And by the way, leaders can mean anyone who wants to take initiative in their workplace.)

Storytelling cuts through the tsunami of information staff and customers face each day. When we tell stories people ‘get’ what we are saying – and they remember it. As a business strategy it means leaders can communicate more effectively so their message is really heard.

Storytelling for Leaders (SFL) focus on 3 key challenges leaders face:

  1. Getting their message to stick
  2. Changing behaviour
  3. Understanding what’s really going on.

We know that a one-day workshop is rarely enough to make a lasting difference in changing company culture. So the SFL program starts with a one-day workshop and continues with a 6-month Deliberate Practice Program. This allows participants to put the skills and knowledge learned at the workshop into practice in daily working life.

Each week for 24 weeks we share a single activity you can put into practice right away. Each weekly installment only takes 10 minutes to do but the impact will be of lasting value.

Since 2004 Anecdote has helped leaders across Australia and worldwide turn their business strategy into a story for strategic success. Their clients include Microsoft, Flight Centre, AMP, CSIRO and National Australia Bank, to name a few.

Most of the storytelling workshops are held ‘in house’ for organisations around the globe. Contact Claire who is accredited to deliver the Storytelling for Leaders program under license from Anecdote for your next workshop.

‘Stories really work when they incorporate a high level of vulnerability and are told in a context of psychological safety. Then they can deeply epitomise our shared human experience and condition.’

Liz Broderick, Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner

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